steampunk fashion redux

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Steampunk Fashion Redux

I have recently started using internet analysis devices to better gage what visitors to the Heliograph research. I had expected airships to be a mainstay, but interestingly enough, Steampunk Fashion was one of the most sought topics.
As such, I have consolidated a second round of photos and weblinks regarding the topic. Please mind, that I am not a fashion designer, nor can offer anywhere near expert opinions about the intricacy of this topic, but the least I can do is provide a starting point…
Kat Bret Photography

A very talented photographer who resides in San Francisco, she had done a photoshoot with a steampunk flair about August of 2007. I was fortunate to locate her work, but missed some of her portfolio at the time. These are a few of her exquisite pieces of work… please visit her website for more of the same top notch work!

Christopher Ambler
A standout photographer from the Pacific Northwest, Mr. Ambler specialized in artistic photographs (.. that would be artistic nudes / glamor photographs, sir or madam), but he did a Steampunk shoot, and these are examples of his excellent work. Please feel free to visit his site for more photographic treasures
Flight Cap from Abney Park’s online store
Gentlemans Emporium a through site for era attire

Sultuers Stores – an amazing resource for Steampunk & Victorian attire

Gallery Serpentine – a bit more risque, but good attire for inspiration (or wear, I imagine)
Victorian Ladies Dresses, based on era originals at Corinthias:
Abney Parks Steampunk Market also has a few items for sale:
The Ophelia’s Captain, Robert, modeling the Swallowtail Safari Vest

Other items
Scientific Collectables – very nice, but expensive!
Creation El Sol – wearable sundials
Insect Lab – mecahnical insects (very, very Steampunk-esque!)
Real Swordcanes, with blades (ahem… Mr. Vincente, hint, hint!)
Vintage Eyeglasses and Antique Spectacles
For those SL individuals who desire the rl version, Mechanical Wings are here (and no, you still can’t fly with them, so please do not attempt to do so!)
Unique decorative items from Aminytray’s Shop…
And last, but certainly not least, the first stop any individual interested in Steampunk fashion, or anything else Steampunk is Brass Goggles. The website has the largest depth of articles about Steampunk, and the forums are awash with everything one can think about regarding Steampunk:

Main Daily blog:

Fashion & Design for Steampunk on its Forum:


Skusting Dagger

Once again, an array of useful and informative links, good sir! And for anybody who might be interested, here’s some links to more about the Dances of Vice Festival and Neo-Victorian Steampunk Ball mentioned so briefly in my own blog…
Ratengift (Shien Lee)’s profile at Live Journel – includes a link to a download of the festival program, more photos from the event at Rattengift’s Live Journal, and Rattengift’s front page at Live Journal.


Once again you aced it with awesome steampunk pics! Love it.
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