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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Breaking News: Nemo to close!

A view down the main thoroughfare of Mr. Shepard’s current Steampunk sim

A very dependable source provided some quite surprising news over the weekend… it seems that Mr. Sextan Shepard, the renowned Steampunk builder, will be closing his immensely well-crafted Steampunk sim, Nemo, by the end of the month!

A mechanical representation of the Solar System – one of Mr. Shepard’s amazing works
Mr. Shepard’s signature artistic and design ability first came onto the forefront of Steampunk design in SL, with his impressive Strato-Moblis airship, followed by an ever increasing cavalcade of innovative designs.  He has also designed the stunning “Guimard” and “Metals” texture sets, which has quickly become the standard in SL Steampunk texturing.
Waiting for the trolley to the underground
He later opened Nemo, which came to represent the elements of Water, Land, and Air, each with breathtaking beauty.  Though New Babbage had the Vernian Sea, with an extensive network of underground residences, Nemo’s cohesiveness and eventual expansion quickly proved to be beyond compare.  
(Please take a moment to view the attached video for an in-world tour).
Though Mr. Shepherd is set to close Nemo, there is possible talk of a new, Steampunk project he will be undertaking, possibly on a similar grandiose scale as Nemo.  However, do make it a point of visiting Nemo before it is retired at the end of the month!
The “Space-O-Rama” in Alintak (just above Nemo) – see it before it is gone!

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