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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Steampunk Fetish #01 – Hat Goggling, by Griffin Leather

To see the term “Steampunk” and “Fetish” in the same phrase tends to catch one’s eye, as they usually don’t meet in common parlance, but took a flyer, and was quite amused at the small production provided by Griffin Leather.  Not only do they produce unique videos, but they are also purveyors of a series of interesting leather products.

I’m not one for leather accouterments, but their Deviant Art page (located at: has photos of their works, so if you see something unique, you can possibly visit the Etsy store at: (though the only object listed was a very nice “Plague Doctor” mask).  Still, if intrigued, one could certainly leave a message (at… but for now, do consider viewing the work in the DA catalogue!

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