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Monday, January 18, 2010

Steampunk Games: Fallen London and Blimp Wars

Screen Shot of Fallen London (c. of Hibernia on the Skids)
Echo Bazzar’s Fallen London
A clever story-based Twitter game first noted on Hibernia on the Skids, this work has one exploring the remnants of a “Fallen London”.  Entirely browser-based (no downloads), it is quite an amusement. I would certainly recommend it as a diversion online alas, I’ve only started on this but am enraptured for the time being!  For more details, or to start playing (yes, its gratis), follow the link to Echo Bazzar’s website.
For a more in depth review of Fallen London, do read Mr. O’Toole’s more extensive review, at:
(A “tip of the hat” to the good gentleman for the addictive little vice!)

Screen Shot of Blimp Wars

Machine 22’s Blimp Wars

A brower-based flash game, Blimp Wars is essentially combat based battle with personalized blimps.  Simple enough, but the with multiple combat scenarios, options for personalization, and additional quirks, Blimp Wars is also an entertaining diversion.  One can engage in only ten battles a day, but I suppose that provides one with time to play Fallen London!

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Fallen London looks cool…