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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Steampunk Guide to Vienna, Austria

Stumbled upon this work a bit ago, and though the inclusion of modern parts of Vienna are unavoidable, aspects of the video are quite inspirational. I particularly liked the Palmen Haus’ architecture and design. As the author of this work stated..

A compilation of videos to show a steampunk side to Vienna (Austria). Strictly, Vienna isn’t Victorian. It’s more Biedermeyer and Jugendstill. There is so much to see from the nineteenth century…However, the Palmen Haus in the park of Schönbrunn is a piece of architecture one really has to visit “as a steampunk”. An excellent way to get out of the rain, too.The U4 subway line is one of the oldest that still shows it.Not far from Vienna is the Südbahn over the Semmering Pass. It was a superb piece of technique that made the vital connection from Vienna to Triest. From Vienna to Payenbach-Reichenau, and then over te pass to Mürzzuschlag. If you get an early train you have time to visit the Südbahnmuseum in Mürzzuschlag (accross the station).The Hundertwasserhaus is modern (built 1985), yet is fascinating in its architecture. The Prater is something for everyone. I didn’t visit the Vienna Airlines, but I do think every steampunk has to visit it. It’s a “5D experience”.In Grinzing you can eat and drink all you want in a southern style environment. Especially in summer.Places like Aida have a feeling of the past.The Technik Museum is also very interesting. If you have the time, also visit Bratislava (Slowakia), only n hour by train from Vienna.

Most certainly an illuminating video – make one wonder how much “Steampunk” is located in one own’s city.

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