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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Steampunk Media: Exhibition Hall, a Steampunk fanzine

I have been gravely remiss in not listing an outstanding Steampunk source, Exhibition Hall.  Its own description goes…

“… bringing articles from everything from fashion and music to literature and technology.  It is jam-packed with art and writing from good folk from around the world!”

… a substantial claim, but the quality of work holds its veracity.  From interviews with the Davenport Sisters (The Clockwork Cabaret) and Mr. B (The Gentleman Rhymer), to in depth RL Steampunk articles, fiction reviews, and much more, the depth of the Exhibition Hall is impressive.  Excellent writing, excellent photography – outstanding over all!  Do take a moment… well, perhaps an hour or so, and read the four issues which have been published to this point.  I’m confident you’ll find it worth you while!  For more Steampunk information, please turn to:



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You missed Exhibition Hall? Tut-tut-tut. 😛

Seriously though, its a nifty little magazine, the size and quality of which are improving with every issue. A worthy addition to the list of online steampunk magazines!

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Mr. Ottens,
Ach, apparently Im getting slow with old age! However, I cant concur more, sir, it is an outstanding addition to the current outstanding Steampunk publications… one more endeavor to enjoy!
Dr. Fabre