steampunk in abney park

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Steampunk in Abney Park

A short narrative about Abney Park’s Steampunk roots, it is certainly a unique and intersting take on the band’s history. (Btw -the video runs about four and a quarter minutes, vice the total of six listed).

Outstanding overview, and certainly worth the time to watch for the visual elements displayed!


Rhianon Jameson

An interesting video/promotional piece. Aren’t the instruments great?

Who knows what the truth is, and Captain Robert is welcome to spin it any way he wants, but, having heard the band’s earlier sound and their latest albums, it seems clear there was a shift from a more goth sound to the brighter, cheekier, more playful sound they have today.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Miss Jameson,
Indeed, the differecen is quite apparent when comparing their earlier works to now, and it is actually quite refreshing that the musical sub-genre has been overwhelmed by, shall we say, lesser quality bands attempting to emulate their style.
Dr. Fabre