steampunk kickstarter endeavors

Friday, November 25, 2011

Steampunk Kickstarter endeavors…

Well, its time again to bring a few Steampunk Kickstarter endeavors, and I’ll start with the amazing SteamPig!  Quite a beauty, if I do say so,  It looks like a a beauty, and has a supplemental video explaining the intriguing background behind it!  Do indulge in the videos, and if you wish to learn more, please visit their Facebook location, at: !
Next, the intriguing novel about two ladies with a penchant for science, tinkering, and adventure is currently being penned, but needs your help!  I hesitate to re-write something an author has written, but I would highly suggest a visit to their locale after watching their video, which is located at:
… or perhaps read a bit more of the endeavor at their website, located at:

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