victoria computer new steampunk gem

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Victoria computer – a new Steampunk gem!

Received an email from a Mr. G. Huisken from New Zealand, who sent in images of his latest project – the Victoria computer!   I must admit, when I first saw it, I was quite impressed with the outstanding attention to detail, not only including very nice brass work on the Victoria.
The Victoria meshes not only a health amount of brass-work, but its frame is built from recycled Rimu, a local native red pine.  The wood finishing and scored marking of the main structure add a very debonair workman feel to his endeavor.
More than just another pretty face, the insides of the Victoria shows is has the processing power necessary to be an efficient data processing machine – stylish and utilitarian!  
I did enjoy the details with the gages and meters on the sides and the brass finial around the gages – a very nice touch as well!
One might claim an issue with a traditional keyboard, but from personal experience with old typewriters, they may seem nice, but a modern keyboard is perhaps more practical.  No issues with having to press sticky keys or jamming one’s fingers between the typewriter keys!
The USB port surrounded by brass, along with the engraving is perhaps one of the details that immediately caught my eye.  Often times, this small detail is overlooked, but Mr. Huisken make it a beautiful focal point of the Victoria – just like the classic craftsmen of the era!
All and all, an outstanding work by Mr. Huisken, infusing classic Steampunk details into a modern device.  Kudos sir – I’m certain to be looking forward to your next project!


Michelle Black

Absolutely gorgeous! I want one!
Santa? Are you listening?


It is a beauty, is it? The infusion of the wood along with the brass is very impressive (along with the functionality)!