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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Steampunk Media: The Clockwork Girl trailer and a small Steampunk article

While shuffling around the aethernet, I found a trailer for “The Clockwork Girl”, based on a comic series about a young mechanical girl named “Tesla”, and her attempts to navigate within the larger world, including a romance with a boy monster.  Unfortunately, the two are kept at bay by rival scientist, and well, one might be better served by hearing the story from one of its authors, a Mr. Sean O’Riley, from his 2007 interview at “Comic Book Resources” (CBR) here.

A still of the animated version of “The Clockwork Girl”

Looks like it will be an outstanding Steampunk-esque whenever it completed (ideally in 2010), but for the time being, more information can be garnered at:

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As some may have read from the New Babbage Ning from Miss Breezy Carver’s “Waves of a Seabreeze“, Time Magazine published a short but positive article on the Steampunk genre this week.  While I was flattered to have the Heliograph mentioned in conjunction with a production of the caliber of Brass Goggles in the writeup, perhaps more importantly were the good aspects that were mentioned regarding Steampunk.

Many an writer/blogger/whatnot has predicted the imminent demise of Steampunk, asserting that it is merely a passing trend or clever artistic endeavor.  To see Steampunk perhaps beginning to be viewed as more of a encompassing genre to those who may not be aware of it, certainly bodes well for the future.

To read the article, please visit:,9171,1945343,00.html?xid=rss-topstories


Skusting Dagger

This seems quite the opposite of any predicted demise! Congrats on the mention in the article. It shows folks are paying attention!

vvb32 reads

Im so excited to read this post about the Clockwork Girl! and Woot! for your mention in the Time article – a good one for newbies to the genre (like me).

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Mr. Dagger – Ty, sir! I am quite encouraged by the increased exposure of Steampunk, and really do look forward to the day when it extends a bit more into the general populaces consciousness.

@vvb32 – Thank you very much for the kudos, and as soon as I hear a bit more about the Clockwork Girl, Ill certainly post on it… and welcome to Steampunk, if I may say so!