steampunk medals from spectra nova

Friday, August 24, 2012

Steampunk Medals from Spectra Nova!

A while ago I was a part of a larger discussion regarding medal and Steampunk cosplay uniforms.  As a vet, I’m not enthusiastic about using current or past military medals as part of a Steampunk uniforms, but for some differing reasons than some may have.  To me, its seems a bit lazy to use a current medal on a “Steampunk / turn-of-the-century” uniform (e.g. when I saw an advert for a convention, and one of the fellows was wearing a national defense ribbon), but more importantly, unique ribbons are a genuine opportunity to put one’s imprint on one’s attire.  That being said, not everyone is handy, so when I saw this gem, I followed the link, and practically fell out of my seat!  This Steampunk Pirate Octopus and Skull medal, from SpectraNova, is a grandiose work of art!  Alas, its has already been sold, but I would most certainly recommend a visit to their Esty location, found at:, and take a peek at their medal selection – excellent workmanship, outstanding design, and a value for the price!  So consider a visit to their site, and hold on to one’s plastic!

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