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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Steampunk – Tomorrow as it used to be!, to open this weekend!

I received word that an outstanding Steampunk event will have its Grand Opening this weekend, in Oamaru, New Zealand!  A new Steampuk exhibition, titled “Steampunk – Tomorrow as it used to be”, will officially open this weekend, and will have over 100 genre works from 40 from around the world.  Included in the presentation are the works of Ms. Anna Repp, a well-noted and sought after artist and illustrator, with endeavors that have graced the publications of Jim Baen’s UniverseTwelfth Planet Press, and Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, among other publications.

To learn more about the event or better yet, pay a visit, please turn to their main site, at:, to visit this unique event, hosted by the League of Victorian Imagineers (and with luck, possibly a visit by Dr. Grordbort himself)!

For additional information, please take a gander at the following sites….
and of course, the Exhibit’s page at the Steampunk Empire, located at:

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Three things you might want to give people a heads up about this.
This is happening next weekend
FB here

Then this is happening in a few weeks
The web site

There is also this event in a few weeks in NYC
Flyer to use
The write up for the event is
At New Yorks oldest nightclub, Webster Hall, The event Anachronism brings together an incredible evening of performance, fashion, circus, and adventure.
The lineup includes masters of ceremonies G.D. Falksen, the music of This Way To The Egress,Psyche Corporation,the Absinthe Drinkers. With acts from Jordanas Steampunk Circus, , Performances by Lawrence Gullo and Fyodor Pavlov, the Royal Baritarian Players. A cabaret showcase by The Amazing Stage Show . A fashion Show featuring Kvo designs and some of the finest Steampunk fashion designers on the East Coast.