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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Steampunk Merchants: Le Petit Prince

Entrance to “Le Petit Prince” (LPP)

There are occasions that one can fine intriguing place by simple coincidence. As I was out and about on one of my jaunts, I happened upon a young lady (ok, a neko gal), who had some very intriguing “ears”. Specifically, they were a pair brassy “ears” with glowing electricity with intricate metallic details. Upon inquiring where she obtained them, she informed me they were from “Le Petit Prince”.

An interesting selection of items, including a number of ocular devices

Unusual name for a store, but I was pleasantly surprised upon arrival. The locale is modern and futuristic, but well designed and quite airy. To locate the bulk of the Steampunk items (that are indicated in the following photos), one takes a left, and the more “generic” items will be on the bottom floor. On the floor just above, one will find a collection of Steampunk/neko-esque items.

Located on the second floor, are a good number of Steampunk Neko/Doll items

Additionally, on the second floor, towards the center, there are a large selection of generic items that can be quite useful in any rp situation, or just as quirky additions to ones appearance.

Adjoining the aformentioned, are more Neko/Doll items, including a clockwork heart in “Brass” or “Rust”

Finally, on the bottom floor, to the left, there are a number of Japonaiserie items, including a smart little fan with a cleverly built-in a/o for the ladies. Le Petit Prince is certainly worth a visit, even if just to look about for a bit!

A bit further down has a number of other items, inculding syringes, a darts, and boxing gloves (for those improptu matches!)

The SLurl for LPP is at:


Otenth Paderborn

Dr Fabre, in the SLurl there is a typo. It should be LPP, should it not?

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Sir,
Indeed, you are correct! The ‘devil is in the details’, and this is one devil that scurried past me *sigh*! Thank you for catching this, and the correction has been made.
Dr. R. Fabre