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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Steampunk Poll: Which Midwestern US city/region best represents Steampunk?

A bit tardy on the poll, but it is a this one covers a good swath of land.  The Northwestern section of North America has had the last two poll winners, so its time to move to the heartland of the United States.  This poll will be particularly challenging, as during my research, I discovered a good number of Steampunk groups inhabiting the Steampunk Empire, representing numerous cities and regions in the Midwest.  Additionally, with the impressive turnout at the recently held World Steam Expo, I am confident that there will be a multitude of opinions in this poll.  This poll will end at the end of July, but if one happens to happen be curious of some of the groups in the cities in question, I’ve attached a few leads of groups residing the cities listed…

Steampunk Chicago
KC Steampunks
League of Cincinnati Steampunks
Circle City Aerodrome (Indianapolis)
The Dayton Steampunk Consortium
Ohio Steampunk Society
KOI Steampunk Alliance
Alliance of Missouri Steampunk
The Coalition of West Michigan Steampunk
Wisconsin Steampunk and Neo-Victorian Association
The Extraordinary Association for Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri

(As always, if there is a group not listed, please leave a comment and link, and I’ll be sure to include your group!)



On the Poll of the MidWest City I chose Other.

The Arcade in downtown CLEVELAND, opened in 1890 as the first indoors shopping centre, is so Steampunk with the brass and glass.

Further down the Terminal Tower, within the same area is also very impressive.

Ian Rumbles

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Mr. Rumbles – Thank you for pointing out my major oversight, sir! I have updated the poll to address, and my thanks!

The Lord Baron Joseph C.R. Vourteque IV

Well! Glad to see my pick was in line with the general, present, consensus!


One must never forget the Imperial Anti-Piracy Squadron, which operates out of Detroit.