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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Steampunk News: Armada Breakaway is being sold!

A picuturesque view of Armada, opening day
Returned from the RL locale of employ to discover the unfortunate news – the stunning Armada sim has been place up for sale. Since its inception, Armada has been an architectural gem, with impressive designs, innovative RP, and attentive management. However, challenging circumstances have forced the manager’s hand and it will experience a change of management in the near future
A view of the main deck of Armada, prior to its opening in February, 2009
To learn more about the current situation (or perhaps entice an individual who might be able to save the Breakaway), please visit their Ning, at:
… and the specific thread, at:
Enjoying a quiet evening at the top deck of the Breakaway

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