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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Steampunk Poll: Your Steampunk Involvement

Teampunk Ventura Comission 1″, by PapaVicPhotograph, @

I had given the next poll question a bit of thought after a few thoughts on Steampunk involvement. I attempt to provide a view of Steampunk in two worlds, Second Life (SL) and Real Life (RL). Each has its benefits and drawbacks, but when I hunt down articles for the blog, I do wonder which would be more in demand concerning the scribblings of this blog – SL Steamlands topics, or RL topics? Well that is the next question, and here are the following categories:
Steampunk Topper”, by Evelyn Ellenor, @
How do you participate in Steampunk?
Second Life Only: You only involve yourself, as far as Steampunk is concerned, in Second Life. To all appearances, you are a “regular” individual (e.g. no clue to your Steamier affiliation), but upon entering SL, you immerse yourself in all that is Steampunk!
Real Life Only: You are a living example of all that is Steampunk. Your attire, your comportment, down to the smallest details, show your Steampunk affiliation. However, by choice or circumstance, you do not involve yourself with Second Life. For you, Steampunk is your life!
Steampunk Guitar”, by *YukiValetine, @
Second Life and Real Life involvement: You are the embodiment of Steampunk – any opportunity to engage in Steampunk is bound to attract your attention. Not only do you engage in Second Life Steampunk, but in your daily life, you demonstrate your fondness for the genre.
Other Involvement: Though you enjoy Steampunk, your rapport with it is more subtle, perhaps you limit it to movies, books, and small touches of your daily existence. Though it may not be readily apparent, you are partial to Steampunk, nonetheless.
None of the Above: Steampunk is intriguing, but perhaps, your mind isn’t made up as of yet, or you heard of this amazing blog from another location, and are amazed at its high quality ok, we’ll stick to the “fleeting interst” theory. You are still looking and listening, but haven’t made up your mind just yet.
Steampunk Clockwork Squid”, by CatherinetteRings, @
The survey is open as of Sunday, the 27th of September and will run for about a month, so please do take a moment to vote – thank you!


Ceejay Writer

I chose the second life and real life option, due to the statement "but in your daily life, you demonstrate your fondness for the genre."

But I also wish to clarify. My youngest memories include tearing apart old radios to rebuild into new creations. Crafting rockets to fire to the heavens with my dad. Romping on the roof, to the horror of my mother, monitoring my weather station.

As I came into my teens, I began to realize how strong a Victorian woman had to be in her time. I gleaned the wonders (kitchen skills, crafts, journal-keeping) and discarded the oppressive notions.

Science fiction came into play at a young age too. My brain was a swirl of Bradbury, Asimov, Lovecraft, and dozens more.

All these elements have been part of my life, since I was old enough to understand them. In recent years, steampunk has been a label attached to many aspects of my life. I dont mind. 🙂

In Second Life, I engage Steampunk because it embodies who I am. In real life, I dont engage anything, really. I dont dress for cons or build cool ray guns. I do have goggles. *grin* In real life, Im just me, the bratty creator-child who romped on roofs – Im still her, but I leave the rooftop to others these days. Getting old, ya know. 😉


I would happily steam self and family (if knitting on the model were not outlawed by the Geneva convention) but RL keeps me too busy. But I shall ever remain true to my steampunk (really more anachropunk) nature.