steampunk tales 12 is out

Monday, November 14, 2011

Steampunk Tales, #12, is out!

Another excellent edition of Steampunk Tales is out and ready for acquisition!  Full of excellent writing, including…

1. Kimberley Fortune, or Blood Money? by Rekha Ambardar
2. G. D. Falksen’s An Unfortunate Engagement
3. Enthalpy of Fusion by Lora Friedenthal
4. Daughter of the High City, Part 3: The Prison of Despair by Hunter Liguore
5. Some Unforeseen Event: Chapter 5 Officers and Gentlemen by Cindy MacLeod
6. Tales from a Millwall Tattoo Parlour by Austin H. Williams
7. The Impossible Mister Lapin Investigates: The Affair of the Terrible Boar Part Three by Peter Woodworth
8. The Irreversible Catastrophe of Professor Babcock by Shelly Goodman Wright

Do pay a visit, and consider a quick purchase of this newest edition, at: