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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Steampunk Three Musketeers – coming this fall!

When I first saw this trailer, I started to roll my eyes, thinking that it would be yet another meager attempt at abusing the good name of Steampunk for yet another Hollywood production.  After watching it, I had only one thought… I will see this movie!  Though it isn’t strictly Steampunk, as in taking place in the Victorian era (of which I will admit of being a bit of a stickler about), it has a cacophony of Steampunk aspect that grasped my short attention span from the earliest shot, including…
– Firearms that are not only functional (within the movie), but a beauty to behold, 
– Very enticing mounted high caliber firearms, 
– Swashbuckling heroes (not exactly pirates, but they do charm the ladies),
– An impressive lady assassin, with excellent era style,
– The panache of the classic Three Musketeers, 
… but perhaps the *one thing* I have been waiting for in a Steampunk movie… an Airship Battle!  Something so obvious, but overlooked so frequently (loved the anchor deployment at 0:52 in the sequence)!  Without further ado, I cease prattling so you can get back to watching this future gem – do enjoy!

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