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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: Caledon Glamorgan

Home of “Steampunk and Tesla”, a Steampunk corner of Caledon

As most who visited the SL Neo-Victorian scene in the “old days” (back in 06, when Caledon was a “massive six sims” in size, and being run over by the local trolly was what passed for entertainment in the Independent State), one location I enjoyed visiting was “Steampunk and Tesla”, quite possibly one of the first Steampunk merchants in Second Life. It always had creative and unique items on display, and I enjoyed the clever sense of humor the owner/builder displayed with his goods.

A view of the main store (r), and the adjacent textures store (l)

Forwarding to 2008 (e.g. last week), my voyage started when Mr. ambient Kukulan contacted me regarding some issues on the New Babbage Ning. His branch of Steampunk and Tesla was located across the street from my locale in the New Babbage Palisade, and I must admit to frequenting it, if only to purchase a few items for my projects. A few days later I discovered he had relocated his business! Wondering what happened, I decided to go on a bit of a quest, with a happy resolution a trip to Caledon Glamorgan.

Viewing the nicely done SkyStation, which provides an impressive view of the surrounding area (and a nice deck above, for entertaining!)

Mr. Kukulan has a centralized location where he has headquartered his business, Steampunk and Tesla, and to my good fortune, has placed a great quantity of his products on display. Fighting through the computer issues that SL has cultivated over the past few months, I was quite impressed with the new center, and smiled when I saw his products, recognizing the stamp of his building skills in his work.

An aero view of the Glamorgan Airfiled

From Tesla coils generating electrical energy to the numerous aero-machines on display at the Caledon Glamorgan Field, from the Scientific Workshops cackling with electrical energy to the plethora of clever devices he has developed for the SL Steampunk aficionado, a visit to the new home of Steampunk and Tesla is most certainly worth the time for anyone with a inkling of a Steampunk bent!

Love the rotating spheres… espcially the one of Mars…

To learn more about Mr. Kululan’s endevors, Victorian Technology, Time Travel, and the Caledon Tesla Society, please visit his website at:

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