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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Steampunk Travelogue: Victoria Station

Arriving at Victoria Station – be sure to avoid incoming express trains!

I have always had a fascination for train stations, since I was a young lad. The atmosphere, the bustle and hustle of the crowds boarding and disembarking, and of course, for Steampunk and trains of the era, plenty of steam!

This particular wall is filling up quite nicely, since the posting.
Happening to hear of Victoria Station, I popped in, not knowing what exactly to expect. Upon arrival, I came across Mr. M. Szondi explaining the rationale behind VSS. My understanding was that though the many Steampunk and Neo-Victorian locales in SL, there was no one central location that a new individual could visit and have an opportunity to see all that is offered from all of the major genre sims.
Hm… where to go, where to go…
In addition to a centralized location to travel to multitude of locales in SL, there are plenty of opportunities for hardworking shopkeepers to advertise their wares – again, in one central location. Additionally, a 2-prim “subway” entrance is available gratis at Victoria Station.
At least the prices for refreshments here are better than RL train stations – and probably taste the same!
The prices are very reasonable for both established and new merchants (L$ 30/wk for a basic advert), and I would wager a bit that once word is on the streets (or on the rails, hehe – it is train station… oh, never mind), the spots will fill up quickly!
A resting area – I believe this corner includes tourist locales in SL Steampunk.
I do admit that I found the offer quite attractive, so this small blog will have its own spot there! (Now on to a bit of photoshop advert work…).
Do pay it a visit to Victoria Station, at:

{Just a photo of the Massive Atocha Station in Madrid – the first classic train station I visited in my youth, and interestingly enough, as it was built in 1892 and designed by one of the architects who built the Eiffel Tower, fits quite well in the Steampunk genre!)

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Breezy Carver

Well isn’t this Quite Clever !!!
I shall have to make a point to explore very soon …Thank YOU Dr Fabre what a wonderful review !!!

smiles @ Your photo of Madrid Train Station ups you one with now thinking of the warmth and beauty of Costa del Sol !!