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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Steampunk Travelogue: Vintage Village

A view of the Vintage Village at sunset

Sometimes one makes a list of things to do and places to visit and as often happens with SL, RL tends to take priority. That being said, one locale that I have been meaning to write on for ages is Vintage Village, a group of Steampunk-esque stores, anchored by perhaps one of the best known Steampunk entrepreneurs, the Golden Oriole (Mr. Oriolus Oliva).

Arrival point – the left signs lead to the correct destination

Arrival at the Vintage Village starts on a bridge and signposts leading to the Golden Oriole / Vintage Village (or to a different (non-Steampunk) area) to the right. When one takes the left (the point of which is visiting the Village), one walks directly into the main area of the Golden Oriole. The genre goods have been, in my view, quite good and well priced. To the immediate right, individual goods are displayed, including the Lag-o-Meter, an Antique Typewriter, and my personal favorite, the Golden Oriole Antique Gramophone.

The personal goods on the right….

… and the abodes and other buildings to the left.

The left side has a good number of buildings, the majority of which easily fit within the Steampunk genre, albeit they are more traditional (e.g. less strange Steampunk). Of note are the well done Vintage greenhouses and the octagonal old Watertower (of which one is on display on the grounds they would make a unique abode for an enterprising Steampunk individual, I’d say)!

The entry to the rest of Vintage Villages Steampunk area

Beyond the main store, one continues along an elevated walk, where numerous other stores are located. The bulk of them have items which fit in quite easily in the genre, including more examples of the offered buildings in the store.

The lower area, complete with Barbecue (not quite as satisfying as the RL type, however)

Once one reaches the end of the street, that is essentially the end of the Steampunk area. There is a lower area, which is replete with unique stores, certainly worthy of a visit, but I would recommend taking an extra moment to enjoy the offerings of Vintage Village, especially the upper area large selection of items.

To visit the Vintage Village, please visit:

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