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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Steampunk Travelogue: Whitechapel 1888

Your arrival point, on the mean streets of Whitchapel, circa 1888

 Whitechapel 1888 is a unique sim in the Steamlands – a historical and educational sim.  Nestled away from the main concourse of Steamland sims, Whitechapel 1888 is an exquisite recreation of section of London where the infamous “Jack the Ripper” committed his nefarious acts.

As on enters the city, the feel of the Victorian era permeates your experience
One arrives at an intersection, where a brief notecard can be located, but not much else.  As one explores the sim (which is sadly quite empty the times I visited it), one can either visit the stores immediate to the landing point, with era, or go exploring the different buildings in the build, most with a bit of information which is quite interesting about “The Ripper’s” era.

What?  “Kidney”, “Liver”, and “Bitters”?  And pleasant as well?
Sign me up asap!

A noteable feature of Whitechapel 1888 is the impressive qualty of the advertisement textures.  Classic “plastered/painted” textures line the many walls of Whitechapel, adding an excellent touch to the virtual replication of the sim.

Fantastic advertisement artwork from the era, and G. Orwell Meat Merchants?…
(Perhaps better as S. Upton Meat Merchants… albeit that would be 20 years in the future!)
The sim builders have not only done a wonderful job in providing a historical context to the Whitechapel murders, but have built a beautiful sim to re-create it.  If you haven’t made the trip, I wholeheartedly recommend it!  To visit it, please follow this Slurl
In all seriousness – fantastic educational notes abound in the sim, 
immersing a visitor into the world of Jack the Ripper!
and for further information regarding the Whitechapel murders, please visit

… and on this note, I tp’d out!

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