steampunk travelogues device shoppes ii

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Steampunk Travelogues: Device Shoppes II

Runcible Industries

A few days ago, an unexpected mysterious box arrived at the Quarterdeck, with the best regards from a Professor Sadovnycha. (Very Victorian, sir kudos!) Curiosity grabbing the best of me, I opened it forthwith, and was pleased to discover that it contained a number of photos, a well done time piece, and a cane with a bit of a suprise, along with a note introducing me to a new Steampunk store, Runcible Industries.

Inside the main laboratory
I took the liberty of visiting his laboratory on the mainland (ensure any “accidental” explosions would be placed well away from Caledon and its environs), and was impressed with his work. He has, in a brief phrase, answered a nagging question that a number of people have asked “Where can I obtain items that look and feel Steampunk-ish, but are efficient, prim-wise?” Right here.

The Travel Tubes to the observation decks
There are a good number of items that have meshed the Steampunk genre along with the Neo-Victorian sensibilities to provide working images and graphics that fit well with either side of the spectrum. Many of his items have operational graphics that display electric charges, moving gages, working pistons, and many more items that show the uniqueness of Steampunk, but at the same time, will only nibble at a persons prim limit for their abode/domicile/workshop/secret laboratory, or whatever residence a person has.

A view from the observation deck
A second sign he had mentioned the “Astounding Burrowing Earthship”, so needless to say, I had to visit! I was tpd to the Caledon Highlands, where his scientific work, the aformentioned Earthship, was located. Quite an excellent bit of engineering, Im looking forward to his further works in this genre-concise build in Old Caledon.

The Earthship platform in Caledon, from the exterior
Professor Sadovnycha has a multitude of additional items at his main store, but a visit to his research laboratory and tower workshop is a better method of experiencing his supurb goods!

The alternate side of the Earthship, showing the interior mechanics and the control room at the top

Inside the OMFG display in Steamworks

*Ahem* Well, one can postulate what exactly this acronym stands for, but it is an excellent store that produces goods that are highly detailed and very unique.
I first discovered this locale when I visited Steamworks, in the northwestern corner of the sim. On the second floor, it was across from Bare Roses display, the first time I had seen this store away from its main sim. I glanced over, and saw the rusted/brassy look that always catches my eye, so I had to look closer. The I stared to calculate how many lindens I had

A selection of gear at the main location
Clockwork armor, geared legging sets (with cogs), bizarre but genre-approprate weapons (not sure if they are scripted, but the are impressive!), and many other unique items that I had to battle the temptation from purchasing!

A close up of some Steampunk-esque items, including two armor suits
I did make one concession I purchased the “Admirals Cog Pipe”. A standard (if a bit large) pipe, it has not one, but four smoke holes (three are on the base of the pipe cup) and all emit smoke! Love it! Now, I simply have to choose which armor to acquire.


Baron K. Wulfenbach

Herr Doktor Fabre,

I too recieved a gift from the Professor, but have not yet had the fortune of visiting his shop or his excavation site, to my dismay. Your account has whetted my appetite even further.

(Must deal with St. Valentine’s Day before indulging myself, however.)


Klaus Wulfenbach

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Baron,
Yes, the temptations are quite good, but I understand your St. Valentine’s day obligations. Failure to meet that can certainly bring upon oneself unwanted pain!
Rafael Fabre