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Monday, March 9, 2009

Steampunk Websites to start the week…

Been trying to catch up on some posts and thought I begin with Issue 5 of the Gatehouse Gazette. It actually came out last week, but in case one has not had the opportunity to read it, by all means do so, as it maintains the outstanding quality of material relating to all things Steampunk. To visit it, please turn to:

The Steampunk Lab is a relatively new site, which seeks to catalogue the vast workings and endeavors that have emerged in the past few years. While one may have seen a few of the items there, inspiration does reside with the graphic items index at the website. To visit the Steampunk Lab, please turn to:

I was unable to acquire a better graphic to represent it, but one Steampunk site that has captured my attention is “The Mark of Ashen Wings”. Listed as a frequent contributor on the RL Steampunk Links, Mr. D. Pagliassotti is an astute writer on a comprehensive body of Steampunk topics, ranging from the difference between “Steampunk and Gaslamp” genres (less of a fine line than you might think, as he argues), to Steampunk Ideology and Politics, to quite good Steampunk ficiton reviews, once you begin reading his entries, I am quite confident you will be a regular visitor! To visit “The Mark of Ashen Wings”, please turn to:

Finally, though I do attempt to stay “on topic” (specifically Steampunk, as you might have guessed), I stumbled across this video at “Blue Tea”, a video art website. The item has no Steampunk connection, but to anyone who has built anything in SL, I would say you will be amazed at about the one minute mark into the video (I practically fell off my seat)! Perhaps the next generation of Second Life?

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.

To visit Blue Tea, and see the plethoria of videos there, please turn to:

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Breezy Carver

awwww .. what a most moving WoW !! thank YOU brilliant share Dr Fabre !