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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stunning Steampunk Fabrics from Spoonflower

The other day I was contacted by a Miss VO, who specializes in unique fabric designs.  I was intrigued at the idea, but was completely amazed at how innovative the work is!  The site on Spoonflower (a location that focuses on custom material) is a wealth of inspiration, especially if one is a tailor or handy with  a needle and thread.  If this area is a set of expertise of yours, I might suggest a trip over to Miss VO’s location at Spoonflower, and take a look at the array of very impressive works there!
Additionally, once you’ve flexed your plastic at her location, I might suggest a peek at other individuals who have Steampunk designs at Spoonflower, specifically at:
and Victorian inspired-designs here:
(My thanks to VO for the lead – Kudos!)


Daylina Miller

I ordered that air kraken fabric…. Its SUPER thin and I hate the way it feels. Had numerous shipping issues and they wouldnt respond to my phone calls, emails or Facebook messages until I started threatening to fight the charges to my card for not receiving my fabric. Uberly disappointed as the designs are really neat. I wont be ordering from them again though.


RF! Wheeee! I had no idea youd posted my designs until today. Thank you for that!

Daylina, I am so sorry that Spoonflower didnt work out for you. I know the company pretty well and Ive never had an issue with corresponding with them. They have changed their cotton to a Kona cotton so that is def an improvement. Better fabric is the sateen. I know Stephen from Spoonflower (one of the owners) would be very disappointed that you were so uberly disappointed in his company.

If anyone has questions about my designs or the fabric please contact me.

Again, thank you RF!


RF! Thanks for the fabulous shout out! I never saw this until today, so sorry for my belated thanks!

Daylina, Im really sorry you had a bad experience with Spoonflower. I can assure you its not typical. I deal with them all the time and I now Stephen from Spoonflower would be very disappointed in your experience.

A better fabric choice is the sateen, the quilting cotton is fab for quilting. Theyve also changed over to Kona cotton which is a well-known, high quality cotton.

Again, thanks RF – Youve made my day with this post!