the 5th annual steam santa boiler elf

Friday, December 21, 2012

The 5th Annual Steam Santa & Boiler Elf Ball, in New Babbage, this weekend!

Its that time of year again in New Babbage, when Steam Santa pays a visit to the City-State (specifically at the Piermont Landing), and all the urchins are wishing for candy and coal in their stocking!  As a last minute change, the New Babbage Mid-Winter Dash has been rescheduled to 10:30am SLT, … and to tell Steam Santa what you would like for Christmas this year, make sure you stop by at the Santa’s Helpers Urchin Ball, from 2pm to 5pm SLT, and later at the main ball, from 6pm to 9pm, SLT!  For more details, please visit the New Babbage non-Ning, at:
Be seeing you there!…

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Laura Morrigan

Sounds great! I wish I could go!