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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Victorian Travelogue: Charlestowne / Wando River / Silent Folly

The Boardwalk of Charlestowne

Had the opportunity to review the backlog of photos Ive taken, and came across a set from a residential sim known as Charlestowne. A two-sim entity, this small corner has dual identities: one is its namesake of Charlestowne, a rendition of Charleston, South Carolina reminiscent of the classic ante- and post- bellum era.

A pirate ship in its harbor – ominious!

Its other side is know as Silent Folly, described as small extension of Caledon in demeanor and style. To my dissapointment, I was unable to locate anyone when I visited (and took photos), but the locale is quite nice and out-of-the-way.

A nice chapel, with a cemetery in the back – nicely done

I enjoyed its waterfront and beaches, which have some modern elements (and stores, business is business, after all!), but the nuances Charlestown has is certainly worth the visit.

Nicely crafted airship, with an unfortunate transparency glitch at the top of its decorative appendege.

The location is also known as “Wando River”, so any search of the aformentioned will produce the sim. A bit confusing, but sometimes finding “just the right name” can be a challenge.

Actually, this was the same house I had in Caledon Mayfair – another Julia Hathor creation

One nice aspect is the number of Julia Hathor buildings in the sim. As one of the formost Victorian domicile crafters in SL, the existance of these beauties add to the charm, regardless of the side you visit (Charlestowne or Silent Folly).

And speaking of abodes – this is a copy of my old Antiquity Clock Tower. Loved it, but became tired of living in octagon (lol)!

*sigh* Suffering from TP lag… need some coffee…



Hello, I’m the owner of Silent’s Folly Estates and the sims Wando and Cooper River. I’m delighted you visited my sims and wanted to say thank you for such a kind review.
Silent Watts–in world
Silent_ic_river @ LiveJournal.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

It was my pleasure to visit your establishement, and hopefully raising awareness of your locale will encourage more individusals to visit it.
Rafael Fabre