the adventures of princess fluer steam

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Adventures of Princess Fluer, Steam Chihuahua

The Lovely Princess Fluer!

Well, the inevitable happened this weekend – my computer has crawled off to the mechanical graveyard in the sky (or wherever), so I’m having to work on limited availability.  Nonetheless, I did wish to point out one of the loveliest Cosplay ladies to grace the world of the Aether – Princess Fluer, the Steam Chihuahua.  Came across her web page the other day, and it seems that there is quite a budding canine Steampunk gathering developing, including such luminaries as Major Catastrophe, Miss Carmen, the Steampunk Chihuahua (who graced the pages of the Steampunk Tribune, back in 2011), Krusher, the Steampunk Hound, and many more intrepid four-legged friends!  To learn more about the Princess, please visit her Facebook page (as she is quite the networker), located at:

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Breezy Carver

Awww isnt she lovely xox 🙂