the best 26 online stores for steampunk

Saturday, December 1, 2012

“The best 26 online stores for Steampunk Christmas shopping!”

As I was journeying through the Business Insider, I came across a unique line regarding online shopping and Steampunk (the aforementioned “Best 26 online stores for Steampunk shopping).  Needless to say, it caught my eye, and even more so, I came across more online endeavors that I had not been familiar with – quite a pleasant surprise!

From well known Steampunk merchants such as The Gentleman’s Emporium and Clockwork Couture (including Mr. Brian Kesinger’s iconic Steampunk artwork), to some new ones (to myself, anyways), such as Steampunk Threads, Dark Knight Armory (very nice boots), Museum Replicas, The Pyramid Collection (with snazzy goggles!), The Venusian Airship Pirate Trading Company, and Dress Like A Pirate (Steampunk, Pirates, and Christmas?  Please sign me up) – only to mention a few!  But enough of my prattling, to see the full article (and full list of stores!) at Steampunk R&D, please visit the below link, and happy shopping, at:

(Additional Steampunk Merchant Note: If one wishes their endeavor be mentioned on the Tribune’s “Last Minute Steampunk Online Shopping Guide” to be posted on the 9th of December, please do leave a comment stating such, or an email to the SPT with a header mentioning the “Last Minute SOSG”, at by the 8th of December- Thank you!)


JoHnny de-Lux ~

wanna a tip..??..if you want to stop wearing a slop suit { ready made clothing] get yourself a tailor..a good place to start is Edward Sexton or Nutters of Savile Row know its going to fit..before you ask..I know a good piece of schmutter..enjoy ~

Michael Haussan

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Dear Sir,
My pleasure – though only a simple re-post, it did bring to light a few more Steampunk endeavors, so that is always a good thing!
Dr. Fabre