two steampunk blogs note

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two Steampunk blogs note…

“Vaux-le-Victomte”, at

Caught up with some pressing circumstances at the moment, but I did wish to mention two blogs which have caught my eye recently.  First, Steam Spectre was kind enough to leave a comment, and upon visiting her site, I was amazed at the impressive eye for detail she exhibits for the genre.  Example one – her astute finding of, with a collection of photos of Victoriana and more.  To see her finds, please do take a moment to visit Steam Spectre, at!

“Vecona 3”, at

Also, the ever-mindful Steampunk Librarian found the writings of Mr. M. Delman, at his website titled Free the Princess, and his excellent analysis of Steampunk in a literary bent.  I do quite enjoy reading an comparative analysis of the “classic” works of Steampunk, but alas, I have yet to finish reading all of his entires!  If you care to surpass my pedandic rate of reading, please do pay his excellent site a visit, located at: .


Steam Spectre

Thank you so much for the mention! I was so excited to see it. Your blog is full of inspiration and great eduction for those of us just delving into this glorious world. Thank you!

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Miss Spectre – Not at all, madam! Your site is excellent, and I do look forward to your future entries.

Matthew Delman

Thank you very much for the kind words, Dr. Fabre. Its wonderful to see people enjoying my paltry ramblings on Steampunks roots.