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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Update (& more pirates!)

Classic Galleon airship (with wings/fins?)

As of late, I have been wearing numerous hats (author of this blog, the Antiquity Gazette, and the Antiquity Grand Opening blog, assisting with the preparations of the Opening [11th of August, if I haven’t already mentioned it (lol)], and other sl circumstances – not to mention rl mis-adventures), so my postings of the past few days have been inappropriately sporadic, as of late. For this, I apologize – my attempts to make daily posting is a goal I attempt to attain, some days more successfully than others (lol)…!

Kirov Zepplin (ok – its from Command and Conquer, but this ship flying over a target would certainly strike fear in its opponents, esp. if it was a pirate sky ship!)

On a longitudinal topic, some associates of mine are quite fond of piracy (sea-borne or sky-borne, matters not!), but after making my graphical post about sky pirates, I wondered, “What would Steampunk Sky Pirates be like?” There certainly would have some similarites to the traditional images of piracy, but how much of a difference would there be? The background of rl pirates was from a dynamic era, (as I have learned after further readings and research), but it still gnaws at me about the purported differences between 18th & 19th century rl sea pirates & fictional Steampunk sky pirates.

Unnamed carrier sky ship with smaller ship engaged in docking maneuvers

I must thank Artesia’s neighbor, Angus, for getting these gears started once again, after showing me his brigantine in Antiquity Cove, talking with Madame Zori (owner of P.irate & Co.), and other sl sources for piquing my curiosity about this topic. Therefore…. I will begin devoting a *bit* more to the “Swashbuckling Sky Pirates of SL”, and associated topics (e.g. origin of piratical sources & legends, how they might apply to SL, existing SL sky & natucial pirates, rl medial sources, ect…) This isn’t to say I am disregarding my Steampunk origins – not at all! But a good slice of Steampunk does have a piratical bent, and it makes for some good fun, also!
So, until my next post (hopefully tomorrow) – I will add some more on this sub-genre of Steampunk…

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