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Sunday, February 6, 2011

An update of the Steampunk Links… and introducing the Steampunk Bazaar

I’ve been asked a few times as to why I haven’t added one link or another to the Steampunk Tribune.  As Steampunk grows in popularity, the list of bloggers and associated websites has grown incremental as well…. to the point that I felt that a simple listing on a sidebar was a disservice to those beating the letters on their keyboards into submission.  I did have a list on one of the sides of this blog, but decided that after blogger provided more options for following blogs, I’d start a page dedicated to them – hence the Steampunk Links.

In addition to providing a list of blogs, I’ve tried to add topics that will be of interest to those in the wider Real Life Steampunk and Second Life Steampunk communities.  The in the center, I try to highlight regularly updated Steampunk blogs, including some longstanding stalwarts of the genre….

Airship Ambassador – The Airship Ambassador is an excellent site to learn the inner workings of the genre, with interviews with luminaries in the Steampunk community.  Mr. Steil’s site quite literally has a pulse on the mover-and-shakers of the community, so to garner insights into Steampunk, a visit to the Airship Ambassador is a must!

Trial by Steam – Providing more coverage of Steampunk, Miss Flint provides yet more intriguing and up-to-date events and going ons documented on her blog.  I consider her website one of the best sources of information available in Steampunk.

The Traveller’s Steampunk blog – If one is measured by their “competition”, the Tribune certainly has much to measure up to!  With a more European view of the genre, the Traveller’s Steampunk blog is regularly updated with news from around the world – another “must visit”!

Steampunk Fashion – Miss Evelyn’s website is the ground zero location for the most popular topic in Steampunk.  Steampunk Fashion has extremely useful tips and advice for developing your own Steampunk attire, so if you’re in the need of advice or inspiration, visit here!

A Caledonian Journey – The most regular virtual worlds blog is penned by Miss Rhianon Jameson, and is the most regularly updated Steampunk blog exclusive to the virtual world, specifically covering the Independent State of Caledon.  For those not familiar with Second Life, one could easily compare Caledon to a huge city, packed with Steampunk goodness, and she has taken up the challenge of ensuring its detailed coverage.

… just to name a few, and a few new additions to the blog…

The Steampunk Review – a new blog, I’m thinking it has plenty of promise in the months to come!

Warfare in the Age of Steam – Conflict is sadly universal, but Warfare in the Age of Steam provides an interesting insight into the the historical conflicts of the era.

Steam Machine “Barnum’s Dream” – One man’s dream to build a Steampunk work of art is being documented by Mr. Arteros, as he shows the progress towards the completion of his amazing steam engine!  It is amazing to watch is progress, so to learn more (and keep up to date), do pay the fellow a visit!

If I haven’t mentioned a blog in specific, its only because there are so many good blogs to follow (so please don’t be offended)!  I do try to keep the list updated with blogs that are updated regularly… if a blog falls to the wayside for lack of updates, for whatever reason, I’ll move it to the side bar – regular life can often get in the way of blogging, but one can hope that the blog in question will return at some point!  I do keep a link to the Steampunk Links on the side bar, but… the link is also here… http://steampunk-links.blogspot.com/

And onto the “mystery” project!  When I was consolidating the Steampunk Facebook links, I noticed there were numerous sites that were, for lack of participation, or a better word… dead.  A pity, but circumstances do interfere with Steampunk (I suppose).  Additionally, as I searched for new Steampunk items for Esty, I was impressed with the number of stores which I had *no clue* about – mostly for a lack of advertisement, imo.  This gave me opportunity to consider… it would be convenient to have one place, where one could wander about (as in a bazaar), and discover new stores, groups, events, or whatever might be, all in one place.

So… I’m giving it a try.  The Steampunk Bazaar is my newest project, an attempt to provide an informal location where just about anything Steampunk-related can be listed (for free)… and discovered by others.  If you are interested in having your own blog/regular store/Esty Store//Musical Group/Convention/event/ect… added, the basic guide will be as follows….
1) The endeavors must be related to Steampunk.  Seems like a simple criteria, but with the … flexibility… in which Steampunk can be interpreted, I’d like to keep to a simple definition of Steampunk, as per Wikipedia.  If something is questionable, please email me about it.
2) I will need an image (275 pixels by 275 pixels) and a web address.  That’s all.  If you have something unique that Blogger will accept (and in those dimensions), please contact me regarding it.
3) A reasonable amount decorum will be used on the images – no graphic nudity, no questionable endeavors, even if they are related to Steampunk (e.g. such as adult toys, with a Steampunk theme).  
4) I’ll be reviewing links every so often to cull dead links from it – if it is dead, I’ll pull it.  However, it its simply inactive for a bit, I’ll be more than happy to post it again!
Aside from these few requests, I’ll try to be accommodating to Steampunk enthusiasts as possible – after all, the goal is to promote the many threads of Steampunk.  I will exercise final discretion on requests to the Bazaar.  If interested, please send an email to TheSteampunkTribune@yahoo.com – I hope to have it finalized by the end of February.
(Additionally, if your endavor is already posted, and you wish a change to it, again, please contact me at TheSteampunkTribune@yahoo.com to make a change!)

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Doctor Grymm

Not to be confused with the Steampunk BIZARRE, Which by the way the 2011 Exhibit will be taking place from Oct 1, 2011 – Jan 15 2012 at the Mark Twain Museum in Hartford CT.

Ill send you the links and poster as soon as they are ready, Sir.

Thanks for putting all this together!