update on links and return to steampunk

Friday, October 10, 2008

Update on links and a return to Steampunk Wallpaper

Bit of a transitional post, as I’ve been exceptionally busy IRL, along with an attempt to update the links and websites on the Heliograph. I have added one small link list – one for attire for gentlemen. I’ve been approached on occasion (to my suprise) about locales where a proper gentlemen can acquire presentable attire for Steampunk and Victorian sims. Started a small list below, which is by no means comprehensive, but certainly worth a purview.

Additionally, don’t forget outstanding Steampunk Wall paper site! It is still clicking along, with one new steampunk wallpaper a day, including the snappy image of the Aero-corps captain above! To visit it, please turn to…

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