update on sextan shephards sl status

Thursday, September 15, 2011

An update on Sextan Shephard’s SL status….

Just off the old Northelia Station depot

A bit of good news for the day!  Contrary to earlier details, Mr. Sextan Shephard has not left Second Life “for good” – in fact, he does intend on returning at some point in the future.  A he stated in his comment for the blog…

“Just one thing, don’t you think that this sound a bit like an obituary blog.. I am not dead!!!! (yes..this is Sextan speakin) it’s not that I have left SL.. it’s simply that, for now, I don’t have any free time to get online… and I have preferred to totally stop to sell stuff and having a land just because I have no time to answer customers requests, IMs, land fees .. and to do everything that must be done daily when you owe a brand and a running business in SL.

So I still build, but for a private company/foundation and on a private grid (12sims) and I have a lot of stuff to build (no steampunk stuff this time!. But most important thing, I have been hired for my first serious job as a music composer… and as already I have a regular daily job.. I spend my nights working on those other projects.. and I still have to save time for my family. So I’am not dead and gone.. I’am just a bit busy ^^. Anyway, I think I will be back on SL but I just can’t tell when.”

Additionally, his associate Ziki Questi provided a bit more information about his sim and Marketplace locale on the associated New World Notes article regarding his status…

“Hello. I stay in touch with Sextan via email. He’s doing some commercial work on another grid–not of the same kind, just work for hire.  I’m not sure how much of a “scoop” The Steampunk Tribune has there, since Liberty Cove has been empty for about a month. Sextan inadvertently deleted his SL Marketplace box when he emptied the sim, and so his Marketplace store is empty, but he does plan to relist items.”

It was good to learn he intends to re-list his amazing builds in time.  Fortunately, he has reiterated his intention to return to SL in time, and I’m certainly confident his return will be much anticipated when it happens!

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Who Is Afraid Of Miss Lovett? No, Mrs.Lovett…

Hello! Dr. Fabre…
Im not sure if you remember me, but Im the person who posted Mr. Sextan Shephards videos over there a "The Steam-punk Empire."

Well, to make a long story short I left "The Steam-punk Empire," {and all Of my content(s) were deleted] but I have since returned.

However, when I left I forgot to save an embed code Of a video that Im no longer able to locate over there on you-tube.

[This image that you have posted here on your blog is featured in the video However, the difference between this video and the others Shepards videos is that this video has a man walking through the city.

I think thats Captain Nemo?!?…With that being said,
Im not quite sure if you can [Or if you know anyone] that can assist me in locating this video embed code again.