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Friday, October 5, 2007

Updates – Managing links…

Slaving away in the Second Life Gasworks…
(ok – the Heidelberg Gas Works, Victoria, circa 1900)

I am in the process of updating, orgainzing, and validating the links on the sideboard. It is frustrating when you attempt to pull up a blog, and discover it hasn’t been update since January… so I have attempted to list active Victorian blogs (ones that have at least one entry in September). If there are any mistakes regarding the titles, locales, or a work that I may have over looked (and is active), please inform me – I wish to ensure accuracy and completeness in the works.

Additionally, I’ve divided the aforementioned links into Victorian Correspondents and Caledonian Writers. Though there are many Caledonian bloggers, I wanted to highlight the works of those beyond the shores of the “Independent State”, who toil in anonymity and efforts go unrecognized by the larger SL Victorian comita.

One of note is “Tempietto”, by Young Geoffrion Orion. I had lost her link ages ago, but when I rediscovered it, it was a refreshing sight, seeing how she expertly wove SL & RL classic art through her travels in SL. A “must visit” for any cultured individual.

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Baron K. Wulfenbach

Herr Doktor Fabre, greetings. I notice you have included my Vice Consul’s journal in your list of Caledonians (very kind of you to notice her writings), but I must make one small correction – she (and by extension, I) are not of a Caledon Consular mission, but that of Europa Wulfenbach as it is commonly called, in and for Caledon. Our offices are located in Kittiwick Town, Kittiwickshire; we have a newer office in Steelhead across from the current town hall.

I have a journal myself, although I am not sure of how much interest it might be to you; but it may be found here, if you care to peruse.

Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron
Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach