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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: Steampunk beyond the well travelled road, part 2

Main Zeppelin in the Plunder locale
The continuation of the Victorian Voyages about SL Steampunk, with a few more additions and destinations…

Arrival point and main tp for Opus Free Port

Opus Free Port
Owned by Miss Talia Tokagawa, this locale is as interesting as her amazing sky ship (yes, I finally “connected” the dots and located the pathway between her builds). In addition to her personal store and aforementioned skyship, she has two more aspects of her unique build well worth mentioning.
Main shopping area and entrance to Miss Talia’s office (and more…)

First, the landing spot takes you across a well build bridge to a large shopping area, where numerous vendors have their wares, (steampunk and Victorian) for sale. At the center of this area is the office of Miss Tokagawa.
Disc Jockey central control area, with dual gramophones

In her office, there is a “hidden” passage (not too hidden, but youll have to locate it) that leads down to the Tesla Lounge, she has added numerous items such as
Lounging area with the ticker tape by the chairs (to the right)

1) a uniquely designed DJ area with dual gramophones for a era-specific appeal
2) a seating area with a ticker tape providing a SL feed from the main second life page
3) in addition to common poseballs, she has a set of “argument” poseballs, with a menu to point fingers, cross arms, and even slap another av (lol)!
4) and steam, plenty of items that provide enjoyable steam!
Steam generator billowing its warmth…
Talia informed me that she has scheduled entertainment every Friday at 5:30 PM SLT (although I have recently been told that the DJ position is currently in flux), but if you wish to drop in, dance, or just relax, Opus Free Ports Tesla lounge may be just the place!

View of the main Steeltopia area, including the church and gallery
This sim leans less towards steampunk and more towards a later-period piratical environment. There are traditional sea and sky pirate themes, providing a background for those with such a bent.
Downtown Steeltopia
Located here are a number of New Babbage merchants that have set up shop, including the Lucky Pirate and Gaslights Emporium.
View of the Steeltopia port, with docked ships

In spite of the nice environs, including a good dock, pirate and sky ships, and interesting
businesses, the sim was essentially vacant the four times I visited it. Disappointing, but perhaps with more advertising and events, Steeltopia will become more popular.

View of the central arrival area of Plunder
More of a mall and less of a specific sim, Plunder is one of my favorite spots to visit and relax. Being an enlarged skybox (essentially), it usually has minimal lag, with can be a refreshing change from a sloggy sim. It is designed from connected skyships, with each ship being a unique store.
Lounge inside the main airship
Since locating it a few months ago, there have been a couple of stores that have become perennial favorites, including Civvies, with has an excellent selection of sky-pirate-esque attire.
Inside the massive airship hovering over Plunder
It could be classified as “post-steampunk” (as there are ww2 airplanes and other accoutrement of that era), putting it a *smidge* beyond the typical steampunk/Victorian background, but the locale remains one of my favorites, due to the atmosphere and freedom from lag.

Stores in Plunder – all aero-based

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Skusting Dagger

Indeed, I followed the directions you had left for me to view that most wonderous flying machine of carnival glass at Clockwork Cats. When I followed the path, I found myself at Opus, and did not realize where is was at first. You see, I have been here before, but I had arrived by the Opus docking area.
Miss Talia has done a splendid job of it here. It has been a while since I have seen her, even though she has holdings in New Babbage. I originally came upon Opus (and Miss Talia) whilst perusing some out-world art galleries (the art gallery of deviants also know as dA, where I also keep some of my own work on display). Whist I was visiting Opus this eveing past, I was able to talk with Miss Talia, and she has added me to the Tesla Lounge updates organization. I am quite looking forward to visiting the place again when it is a bit more on the bustling side.