weekend events 02 03 january 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Weekend Events: 02-03 January, 2010

Just a bit of notice that the Founder’s Week celebrations are slated for the latter half of this month, so do consider a bit of time for the City-State’s celebration!  Additionally, the following events will be taking place this week in the Virtual Steamlands…

Saturday, 02 January, 2010 – Upcoming Events

What: Audio Exploration Night
When: 6 to 8 pm, SLT
Where: Huxley Hall, Academy of Industry, New Babbage
Per the introduction by Mr. Harvey… ” Join Blackberry Harvey as he presents you with selections form the career of the Electric Light Orchestra! Spanning 1972 to 2001, this ground-breaking group’s history and song stylings will be elucidated and explicated for your audio pleasure and aural enlightenment!”

What: Ironclad Battle Storm
When: 7:30 pm, SLT
Where: Obsidian Sea, Steeltopia

Get your ironclad and visit the Obsidian Sea for an exchange of New Year’s gifts and cheer (once again, in the form of cannon balls)!  For more information, please visit: http://steeltopiaempire.ning.com/profiles/blogs/battle-storm-saturdays

Sunday, 03 January, 2010 – Upcoming Events

What: Academy of Industry Class, Goggles 101
When: 1 to 2 pm, SLT
Where: Academy of Industry, New Babbage

As part of its inaugural period, New Babbage’s Academy of Industry invites the public to attend a lecture course on building your own goggles. Designed for relatively new builders, the course will be conducted by the esteemed Doctor Obolensky and will take place at the Academy building.  For more information, please turn to: http://newbabbage.ning.com/events/academy-of-industry-class

What: Wanderlust Weekend Event
When: 1 to 3 pm, SLT
Where: Phantasmagoria Circus, Armada Breakaway

Join us at Toyle & Trubble’s Phantasmagoria Circus at Armada Breakaway for “Wanderlust” – two hours of steampunk, gothic, ska, and rock music with DJ Roswenthe Aluveaux.  For more information, please turn to: http://armada.ning.com/events

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This week’s “Tip ‘o the Hat” goes to to…

Miss Don Baily – for her eloquence and grace in addressing a social faux pax caused due to my inattentiveness.  My thanks, madam – I shall ensure that a tad more care is spent in the future!