weekend events 05 06 december 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekend Events: 05-06 December, 2009

“Submariner”, by =higherdepths

Figured I’d open the weekend events with Mr. Juta’s stunning redition of “Submariner” – please be sure to visit his website, as well as the author or “Steam Harem” at the end of the listing.  Now, for the events…

Second Annual Victoriana Snow Ball
When: Saturday @ 6pm SLT
Where: Victoriana Lakeside

The Snow Ball invites all who attend to wear something white, and includes music, dancing, food, and festivities.  Ice skating, sledding, and other winter activities are available on the lake, or sit by the campfire and roast marshmallows.  As always, humans, tinies, kids, and anything in between are welcome to the event!

Obsidian Sea Battle Storm
When: Saturday @ 7:30 pm, SLT
Where: Obsidian Sea, Steeltopia

Emperor Calamari is hosting the ongoing ironclad battles in Steeltopia!  For those wishing to improve their nautical combat skills, this is the place to be.  Bring your ironclad and your steely-nerves to be tested on the high seas!

“How to build and manage an art gallery”
When: Sunday @ 1:30 pm, SLT
Where: Tamaqua sim

An departure from the Steampunk, so to speak, but the display of the visual aspect of SL/ Steampunk/ Neo-Victoriana ebbs and flows.  This is quite literally a “sight unseen” suggestion, as I am unfamiliar with Miss Sasun Steinbeck, but considering the number of established and budding visual artitsts (e.g. SL & RL photographers, manual artists, ect…), this may of interest to those in the Steamlands who wish to promote and/or display work in an art gallery.

“Steam Harem” – by DrawingNighmare, at: http://www.drawingnightmare.com/marthe/