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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Alternative Living Expo Contest – featuring Steampunk decor and design!

Received word from Miss Ay-leen (from, that the Alternative Living Expo will be taking place early next month, part of which will demonstrate a Steampunk influenced towards design and decor, along with examples of unique Steampunk-type interiors at the Expo.  Looks to be quite an event, and Miss Ay-leen has composed outstanding coverage of it at’s Steampunk location – the article in question is located here:

An example of a Modern Victorian (aka, Steampunk) kitchen
Additionally, you can also participate to win free tickets to the event as well! is offering five sets of complimentary tickets to attend the Alternative Living Expo – all one has to do is post a comment on the thread – where at?… just follow this link:, for further details – the contest ends this Friday, the 18th at noon (EST), so do hurry!

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