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19th century is well known for its flourishing industrialization. During that revolution, the different classes had become much more prominent. For the class differentiation, main role had played the purchasing range of the society. The Industrial Revolution had made it possible for the middle classes to increase their profitability. For the first time, there had been an opportunity to invest into their house interior – decor and design. While ruling, Queen Victoria had seen the opportunity to produce and sell countless household items via class separation. This had been a chance for the middle class to mimic the aristocracy. They had decorated their houses heavily with everything designed to demonstrate their new status. As a contrast, modern time minimalism had been treated as a lack of taste.

Hardwood floors
Hardwood floors

Bringing touches of Victorian nostalgia can call for some costly remodeling. However, there are always ways around the expensive remake of your living space. You can manage to pull of some stunning inner victorian trend. What is more, wood had been one of the main materials back then. It had been used for walls, doors, floors, tables, chairs, wheels and so many more. One particular victorian decoration had been the wooden floors. One of the popular patterns had been mid-toned parquet flooring. For more authentic touch of a Victorian fashion, use polished floorboards. You can add a nicely colored or thematic patterned rug. The left and uncovered frame of wooden floor matches quite well the decorating style of the Industrial Revolution.

Victorian era wallpapers
Victorian era wallpapers

Let’s move on to the walls. A surge for the interior design ideas had been the wallpaper. They had been used as a partial wall decoration. That is the space between the dado rail and the skirting board. In some households, where there had been picture rails, wallpapers had reached the ceiling. You can play it safe while recreating victorian trend decor, by using water-silk paper with floral motives, birds or larger animals printed on it. Pretty much everything in William Morris style is ideal to steampunk your living space. The colors, that Victorians had favored, were more dim, rather than vivid ones. As an example try burgundy, lavender, sage or mustard yellow.

Their walls usually had been hiding mysteriously behind heavy silk curtains, decorated with stripes or geometric patterns. You can’t make a mistake, if you add floral or animal patterns too. Another suitable material for curtains had been velvet. You can even use both and go wild on your steampunk agenda. The abundance of pillows, seat covers, coverlets and all kinds of table cloths screams Victorian style. People then, are known to be great fans of pattern. Feel free to use chintz or toile all the way from cushions to dresses and all the way through wallpapers and rugs. Linen and lace had been a nice touch and smoothly blend all the different patterns all over a Victorian home.

Curtains in a bedroom
Curtains in a bedroom

To reach the romantic and elegant aesthetic of the Victorian era, make sure you take those stylistic cues and turn them into a cultural trend, known as steampunk. Be aware though, that in order the picture to be completed, add steam-power-based gadgets updates.

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  • February 25, 2019 at 12:11 am

    I don’t know if I would consider it decor but we stuff a lot of cool design elements in our steampunk photo booth. If you get a chance check it out. Love your stuff!


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