berlin 1920 announces plans for their

Monday, September 13, 2010

Berlin 1920 announces plans for their own sim!

When I logged on yesterday, I received a bit of good news, regarding the oldest Pulp era sims in SL.  Berlin 1920, led by the lovely Miss Jo Yardly, will be moving from the skybox where they have been building their community in a 1920 recreation of Berlin, to a full sim!  Needless to say, this will allow them more options that full sims have (mostly maintenance issues, such being able to restart it, control over builds and random skyboxes, attachment issues, ect…)

A photo of Ms. Yardley at the Beer Hall
(Enjoying the aftermath of a bit of “gemütlichkeit”!)

One of the focus’ of Berlin 1920 has been the development of a dedicated themed community, and building upon the common interest on an idea.  Many a sim has fallen to the wayside for this lack of focus (to counter Mr. Ray Kinsela’s quite, just because you build it in SL, it doesn’t meant they will come – to your sim).  Miss Yardley has demonstrated a slow and purposeful effort in building, attention to historical detail, and listening to those who shared her vision, has helped Berlin 1920 reach its tipping point with a new sim.

An unidentified young lady on the streets of Berlin 1920

Kudos to Ms Yardly and Berlin 1920 on their new sim.  Do make it a point of visiting their current location and I shall provide a SLurl to their new location, as soon as it becomes available.  However, one can learn more about Berlin 1920s…

Their Main Website:
The Berlin 1920’s Forum:
Berlin 1920 Wiki:’s_Berlin_Project

Additionally, I’ve located a small machima about Berlin 1920, a trip to its cabaret.  Do enjoy!

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Frau Jo Yardley

Weve moved!
Come and have a look at our new full region sim; Berlin/235/232/751