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Friday, September 12, 2008

Happenings in SL Steampunk and Neo-Victoriana

This weekend looks to be quite busy, with a large number of events taking place in a multitide of sims. Although I am listing a few here, do visit Mr. O’Toole’s website, as he has hidden a comprehensive listing of all of the going-ons from throughout the Steampunk/Neo-Victorian sims at the bottom of his website… (all times SLT)



2 PM – Mer-Wedding, Antiquity Laconia
(Not quite sure of the exact location, but the time should be correct).

3 PM – Geisha Show, Antiquity Township East
(Understand that the show is one of the better Geisha shows in SL)

6 PM – Rivet Town Inaugurational Ball
(North American time zone event)



2 AM – Ironclad Seabattle, Antiquity Lagoon

11 AM – Rivet Town Inaugurational Ball
(European time zone event)

2 PM – Blue Whale Grand Opening, Antiquity Shouls

5 PM – Antiquity Yacht Club Regatta

5 PM – Steeltopia Dance Event

6 PM – Engineer’s Ball, New Babbage (Wheatstone Waterway)
(The largest ball of the season in New Babbage)

7 PM – Antiquity Stakes Horse Race

11 PM – Antiquity Sea Battles, Antiquity Lagoon



12 – 1 PM – St. Torley’s Day Services, Caledon Penzance

3 PM – Concernt in the Part, Antiquity Township

3 PM – Palm Court Tea Dance, Caledon Wellsian

3 PM – Steeltopia Dance Event

4 – 5 PM – St. Torley’s Day Services, Caledon Penzance

6 PM – Tsuki Mi Matsuri (Moon Viewing Festival), Caldeon Carntaigh


It appears that there will be no shortage of events to experience or see, so do keep your plans clear if you are in-world!

*Although I have touched upon a few Caledonian events, for more information, do visit Radio Riel’s website, at http://radioriel.blogspot.com/

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