happy new year and best wishes for 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2012… and the “Official” opening of the Steampunk Facebook Pages!

My good friend, Miss Laura G.M., who has discovered the joys of Steampunk!

Its amazing what and who one encounters on Facebook – I stumbled across an old friend from years ago, who to my pleasant surprise, is a new Steampunk follower!  Kudos, Madam!

As a bit of a ham-fisted segue to the next entry, the Steampunk Facebook Pages are “officially” open, with the addition of the following locations and individuals!….

Dorian’s Parlor – (in beautiful Philadelphia, as it has been pointed out by a few individuals to my embarrassment!)
The Edison – (In sunny LA, on the left coast)
Ms. Evelyn Kriete, a renowned source of knowledge on Steampunk fashion
Mr. Michel Vaillancourt, author of the Sauder Diaries
Steampunk Kindle, an outstanding source for Steampunk on your portable device
Hungarian Steampunks, all the way from beautiful Eastern Europe
Clockworker-Steampunk, the authoritative German Steampunk site
Escape the Clouds, an excellent Steampunk musical group
Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band, one of my personal favorite group of musicians
Beats Antique, with amazing Steampunk and cross-genre works
and Mr. Clay Griffith, of the Vampire Empire series (as mentioned at the Steampunk Scholar)!

If you have a Steampunk location, business, musical group, or written work you would like to see on the Steampunk Facebook Pages, simply leave a comment, and I’ll endeavor to add it on the next update of pages.  The same with any corrections – I’m far from perfect, but I will strive not to let my keyboard bounce affect one’s name or endeavor!  On that note, please have a Happy New Year, and Best Wishes as well!

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Dear Sir or Madam,

It would be a great pleasure to me to have my page included in your Steampunk Facebook directory. I have consulted the directory in the recent past (in its unofficial form, I suppose) and found it very useful. Well done!

Sincerely, Calliope R. H. Jones