ms ada lovelaces birthday celebrated on

Monday, December 10, 2012

Ms. Ada Lovelace’s Birthday celebrated on Google… and Neo-Victoria’s photo contest for its 2013 calendar!

To start the week off, I wanted to first make an announcement that Neo-Victoria is in the midst of its photography contest for the 2013 Neo-Victoria Calender, or as succinctly described by Ms. A. Ares, an outstanding opportunity to display one’s photographic skills in a Steampunk environment!  There are an excellent range of prizes, from first to twelfth, and Linden awards running the gamut from L$250, to L$5000, so if one is up to the challenge, do pay a visit to the Koinup NeoVictoria project local for more details, at:

And Google has astutely provided recognition to one of the patron saints of Steampunk, the exceptional Ms. Ada Lovelace!  The legendary mathematician was key in providing foundational work for Mr. C. Babbage’s early mechanical endeavors, and for the remaining time of the tenth of December, one can indulge in all things Lovelace, by choosing the Google “doodle”!  (or if a bit late, one can reap the same font of wisdom here!)



Thanks for the shout-out on the photography contest!


Always a pleasure, madam!