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Friday, January 16, 2009

New Babbage Founders Weekend Events

Well, better late than never I do apologize for the late update to the New Babbage events that are taking place this weekend perhaps one of the busiest weekends ever in the city state! The following celebratory events are taking place during Founders Week (for this weekend, at least)

New Years Ozashiki, (at the Wasuremono Tea House, Babbage Palisades)
(January 16th, from 5-6 SLT)
In order to help bring the New Year to Babbage and our dear little ochaya, there will be another event held at the tea house. The theme of which will be newness and fresh beginnings.Another Special Note: After the first ten or so minutes, an open mic as it were will be offered to guests for poetry reading.

The First Annual New Babbage Airship Regatta (in the skies above the Vernian Sea)
In Honor of Founders’ Day and as part of the 2009 Founders’ Week Festivities(January 17th, from 7-8 PM SLT)
For further details, regulations, guidelines, and other information regarding the events, please visit

Aether Salon: “Villians!” (at the Aether Salon, Babbage Palisades)
(January 18th, from 2 3:30 SLT)
The Aether Salon presents the next of its continuing series Steampunk-centric events, with the topic of “Villians!” Her special guests are brilliantly evil Doctor Obolensky and the mysterious Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, who will engage in a battle of wits to define evil and its place in the Steampunk genre!

Additionally, there are week long events taking place in New Babbage, including

Babbage on Ice Festivities, Shay’s Park, Babbage Canals
(January 17-24, ALL WEEK!)

New Babbage Then and Now Art Exhibition, Ruby’s Pub and Gallery (Babbage Canals)
(January 17-24, ALL WEEK!)

So, if you have have the opportunity to visit one, or better yet all, ensure you take the moment to indulge in the celebratory events!



Great posters!

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Mr. Ottens,
Well, the artist in NB have been hard at work, and with a bit of luck, we may see a few more in the near future!
Dr. Fabre