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Friday, January 8, 2010

New Babbage’s RP Mystery – Shadow of the Thirteen

Once again, Master Loki has not only produced an outstanding production of New Babbage, but it is only the introduction to the RP that shall be taking place in New Babbage – the “Shadow of the Thirteen“.  As mentioned in New World Notes, he had hoped to start work on it earlier, but had other SL projects active at the time.  However, the project is now unwrapped, and the mystery will soon begin!

For further information about the “Shadow of the Thirteen“, please visit the official webpage, at:

…. and to follow the New Babbage Ning’s Thread, please turn to:

… and more details at Miss Carver’s “Waves of a Seabreeze“, at:

(To quote Mr. W. Undertone {and Mr. S. Holmes} – “The game is afoot“!

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Cici Levenque

This is fantastic! I want to come play!