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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: New Toulouse

The city park and arrival point in New Toulouse

(New Toulouse) – A few weeks back, I landed in New Toulouses pre-design display, and was quite impressed with the effort Ms. Wind (Mama Cree) had placed in developing it. During a brief discussion I had with her, I said that I was looking forward to writing about New Toulouse, but she stated that New Toulouse wasnt Steampunk.

Looking out from the information center near the city park

I had to agree, but still felt that, aside from the superb efforts of a Caledonian alumni in developing a unique concept for a sim, it is truly one of the few sims whose environment crosses eras to fit in with just about any time.

The row of shotgun homes, home to artists and bohemians (from what I’ve heard)

One of the pleasures of travel in the Steampunk genre (e.g. by airship, plane, submersible, ship, or other means) is visiting new places, albeit fitting the era, more or less. I have written about a number of locales that have some longitudinal parallels to the Steampunk era (about 1850 to 1910, generously speaking), but I would say that New Toulouse would provide a seamless mesh to Steampunk and Victorian travellers.

The New Toulouse Graveyard – taken at dusk

Do yourself a favor and pay New Toulouse and its environs a visit with era-specific shops, jazz clubs and bars, and an environment dedicated to accurately reflecting its time.

Nodding off after a bit too much to drink at Lafitte’s Bar

Heading home to New Babbage… via streetcar!

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