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Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Sky Ship: The Selene “Cloud Hugger”

The other day, a fellow blogging compatriot, a Mr. Kueperpunk Korhonen, brought a new creation from the well know ship designer, Miss Carrah Rossini, to my attention. Tying up business, I tp’ed to his establishment, Neocortexx, where he had the new ship on display.

The Selene, the “Cloud Hugger” is an impressive ship, similar to her well known “Steampunk Dreamliner” and “Ananke Nereide Flying Submarine”, with a classic Victorian interior, and a unique design.

The central lounge area is higher than the Dreamliner…

and a finely detailed hatch leads down to…

a control room, with seating for three, and analog instruments, fit for even the most demanding of sims! The bow of the ship contains a very nice observatory (located on the main deck), with a seating area and expansive view. Perhaps one of the best aspects of the Selene is that it comes with mod options – allowing those who wish to retexture the outside towards a more “traditional” steampunk appearance the opportunity to do so.

And for those moments where you just want a quick get-away, the Phobe can provide a functional (if crowded) alternative!

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