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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Airships: Three outstanding choices

The “Cloud Hugger” in flight

One characteristic of Steampunk that can be replicated in SL, is lighter-than-air flight, a.k.a. airships. Unfortunately, there are an amazing number of ships on the market, and it is quite easy to overwhelmed as to which ship to acquire, especially after one eliminates those that arent exactly reflective of what traditional Steampunk airship might appear as. This being said, I took a brief peek at SL exchange (or Xstreet, as it has come to call itself) and found a few that have caught my eye, starting with…

Miss Carrah Rossini’s “Cloud Hugger”, starboard view

Miss Rossini never ceases to impress with her work, and the “Cloud Hugger” no exception. Spacious and steampunkesque interior, good flight controls and scripting, and plenty of other additions (e.g. radio, televisor, hammock), make this ship her best yet. I realize that the styling of this particular vehicle isn’t exactly “Steampunk” (perhaps a brass tweak to the metal would be a consideration), but the layout, interior, and the fact that the ship is ‘mod’ enabled all lends itself to placing her latest work here.

The cockpit, which rests a bit lower than the rest of the ship, but allows for easier steering.

She has a number of other vehicles in her repertoire, such as the “Steampunk Dreamliner“, which have proven to be extremely popular (it is almost an impossibility to visit a Stemapunk sim without seeing one of her vessels), and her latest work (with a few minor adjustments) is an outstanding airship.

The spacious interior of the “Cloud Hugger”

To read more about the “Cloud Hugger”, please visit her location on SLexchange, at:

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Miss Jenne Dibou’sJe DlikZeppelin

Miss Dibou’s Steampunk stylings are unique in SL – once you see her work, its appearance is unmistakably unique. She has a number of ships on the market, but one of her latest is the “Je Dlik“, a beautiful and prim-thrifty vessel (26 prims, to be exact).

Port Aft view of the engine detail

Her use of sculpty prims and her attention to detail make this particular ship quite enticing, especially as the open platform allows for easier viewing by all passengers (and crew – lol)! With the low prim usage, crossing sims is much more dependable, and also allows for physical interaction on its deck (e.g. you can walk across it during flight, as opposed to being required to be seated during operations).

Starboard view of the Zepplin

For more details on the “Je DlikZepplin, please visit:

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Koshari Mahana’sAmphibiflyer

Versatility with Victorian sensibility is a hallmark of Steampunk. To have a vehicle that can cross land, air, and sea is even more impressive that the vehicle from the 1968 movie of a similar nature. It is a bit high on the prims, but they are well used here.

A jaunt about Caledon while cutting stylish swath in the Amphibiflyer

I must admit, I am impressed with the uniquely Victorian details, such as the fact it “runs on Absinthe“, and that there is an umbrella to keep the sun from tanning a lady’s complexion, in addition to the overall quality texturing. I would say that the Amphibiflyer is an impressive and beautiful piece of transpiration that any Steampunk individual would be quite content to have in inventory.

Exceptional detail was lavished on the vessel, including quite smart headlights!

To read more about the Amphibiflyer (and see more photos), please visit:

Which to purchase? Well, it is a difficult choice, but one cannot go wrong (imho) with any of the aforementioned vehicles. Do visit the merchants, and the best of luck choosing!


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle

I would also recommend the collections of Gaius Goodliffe of Second Skies. There are airships of both historical and SF inspiration and are to my taste some of the best scripted vehicles I’ve seen.

They’re also moddable allowing you to retexture if you’re so inclined.

Capt. Red Llewellyn

Thank you so much for your scholarship in this topic! I’ve been looking for a small versatile knockabout vehicle that is historically accurate as well as FUN! as you said, just SO many choices!
~Capt. Red

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Duke Pearse – Indeed, the vessel I use the most is one of his, but his entire collection is certainly worthy of a bit of ink..
@ Captain Llewellyn – I’m quite glad you liked this piece, madam. There are certainly quite a few ships to comment on, and I think it would be appropriate to comment on those that are quite good (and those that are, well… not so good, imo), so perhaps a few more comments are in order.



Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Onetime,
Thank you for the link! The above references the namesake of Miss Dibou’s airship, Anyos Jedlik. After reading his bio, I must admit that I am quite impressed with the historial background of the “Father of the Dynamo”. If you have a moment, please do visit his wiki – most interesting!