phenomenal weekend at inventors expo in

Monday, October 20, 2008

Phenomenal weekend at the Inventor’s Expo in Rivet Town!

Rivet Town, as seen from the old Rivet Town Beach

This weekend marks a watershed in Second Life Steampunk events, with the first annual Inventors Exposition in Rivet Town. This expansive celebration of all things Steampunk opened with a speech from Pathfinder Linden, and was attended by luminaries of the SL Steampunk community, including such upstanding individuals as Miss Jenne Dibou, (Propritress of ~JD~), Miss Viv Trafalgar (Hostess of the Steampunk Salon) and an icon of SL Steampunk, Miss Ordinal Malaprop. Upon the completion of his speech regarding the creativity and effort regarding Steampunk inspiration, culminating with advent of Rivet Town, the tours of the town started, the builder competitions began, and the Inventors Expo was officially open!

Pathfinder Linden giving his speech to the attendees

One of the more popular events was the Speed Builder contest, requiring contestants to build a designated Steampunk object within 60 minutes, using only 60 prims. Five contests took place, with Miss Selkett Felwhich taking the top spot in the first and third events (designing a Steampunk musical instrument and a Time machine), Jongo Balzo took the Steampunk Drink Dispenser showdown, Mr. Kheph777 Enoch excelled in the fourth competition (Steampunk Traffic Light), and the final event was won by Sidney Arctor, in the Clockwork Creature competition.

Miss Felwhich and her award winning time machine

Numerous discussions took place throughout the weekend, ranging from an analysis of the Steampunk genre to conversations on RP, but alas, I was enthralled by the vendors displays at Rivet Beach, perhaps the single largest collection of Aeroships that I have personally seen in one place in SL. Additionally, a vast quantity of good competing in the “Best of” categories were present, and I frequently found myself visiting vendors main stores, as did many other visitors to the beach! (I missed the fashion show, but from reading the description in Steam Patent, Rivet Towns aether news guide, I understand it was quite impressive, with very well known designers (including Prelude, Arundel Design, Fushias Frocks, and Unzipped & Steam Powered Nuts) displaying their latest and best creations).

Overview of the Rivet Town Beach and the vendors (and the multitude of vehicles!)

Finally, every evening had a celebratory event, allowing all involved to relax and relate the events of the day. Miss Loudon, Mr. Weezles, Miss Easterman, and the rest of the Rivet Town managerial team did an outstanding job of planning, coordinating, and planning such a complex event setting a new standard for major events in Second Life Steampunk and Neo-Victorian circles. Congratulations on a job well done!

A quiet evening in Rivet Town East, after the Expo, of course!

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Bamika Easterman

My master and I were both so busy with organization and participation in the Rivet Town Inventor’s Expo last weekend that neither of us had the chance to record and document it properly. We are therefore profoundly grateful to Mr Rafael Fabre of The Heliograph for this thoughtful and detailed article on the event. Thank You!

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Miss Easterman,
It was pleasure to take part in Rivet Town’s festivities this past weekend!
Dr. Fabre